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In light of COVID, we are manufacturing alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  It is FDA compliant and is 80% alcohol. We’ve also added all-purpose cleaners, with bleach or without, along with other products that will assist you in keeping your home and business clean.  We ship SAME DAY for most orders and have hand sanitizer available today.

You always have a direct connection with BuddyJack. We specialize in product development and treatment for man-made and natural surfaces. We provide proprietary solutions for efflorescence removal, stripping, degreasing and cleaning to prepare your surfaces for our exclusive sealants and topical coatings. Our expertise is concrete, pavers, ceramic, porcelain, and granite.

We work directly with formulators to offer superior products that provide long-lasting results. Our Pure™ products are acid-free and eco-friendly.

Go Direct with BuddyJack from formulation to application.

Our Products


BuddyJack’s sanitizers are FDA approved and made with a minimum of 75% alcohol.  It is a liquid solution that can be used on hands, surfaces and equipment.  Great for multipurpose use!


BuddyJack’s cleaners include disinfectants, soaps and degreasers.


BuddyJack’s sealants are proprietary and provide long-lasting results.


BuddyJack’s producer product extends the length of equipment and reduces cleaning labor expenses.

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